The Solution

The Heart Failure Vital Sign for precise personalized patient care to improve outcomes.

CardioVere LED

The Solution and The Technology That Powers It

CardioVere measures non-clinical and clinical congestion safely, non-invasively, and objectively.

Broadband Light to Illuminate the Shin of a Patient

Multiconjugate filters and IR cameras provide high definition wavelength-resolved mages collected within seconds.

Artificial Intelligence
Algorithms & Software

Analyzes hypercube to determine patient’s level of tissue congestion.

CardioVerification Index (CVI) Represents Patient’s Congestion Measurement

The CVI score is a measurement of tissue congestion associated with early stage decompensation cycle, allowing physicians to make treatment adjustments before conditions worsen.

CardioVere Results

CardioVere measures the amount of fluid in tissue to report results as the CardioVerification Index (CVI). Behind the scenes, visual representation shows the difference between low fluid levels and high fluid levels.

SPIE report

Read Our Scientific Paper: Objective Determination of Peripheral Edema in Heart Failure Patients Using Short-Wave Infrared Molecular Chemical Imaging

Research Paper 2


Read Our Scientific Paper: Clinical Stratification of Peripheral Edema Using Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Molecular Chemical Imaging

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