The Solution

Clinician Monitoring

  • Easy-to-use device quantitatively measures edema in clinical settings
  • Automated CardioVerification Index "CVI" measurement provides alert to major change in peripheral edema level
  • Opportunity to improve standard of care for edema measurement

Patient Self-Monitoring

  • Decreases the likelihood of worsening condition and adverse event(s)
  • Improves patient adherence and lowers readmissions
  • Objective alternative to existing monitoring standard of care (pitting edema, weight, BMI)*

CardioVerification Index

CardioVerification Index is the output of CardioVere as a quantitative, objective measurement of peripheral edema based on the amount of interstitial water (edema) below the skin. CardioVere measures the level of edema and assigns a number value to the measurement. The result is a quantitative way to measure peripheral edema over time for CHF patients in order to gauge medication adherence, personal care, and a need for change in care.

Optical Edema Measure

  • Objective, non-invasive, safe
  • Simple use - camera takes a picture of shin
  • Automated alerts to when there is a change in peripheral edema levels sent to patient, family members, care team

No Edema

heart stethoscope

2+ Edema

heart stethoscope

How it Works (The Technology)

  • Near infrared (NIR) non-visible light is used to take a picture of the patient shin
  • Light shines on the shin to measure reflectance of interstitial water (edema) below the skin
  • Algorithms directly correlated with ground truth* are used to produce a score or CardioVerification Index

*Current standard of care is the pitting edema test used in hospitals and clinics, while weight changes and BMI are used in home by patients

heart stethoscope
heart stethoscope