About Us

CardioVere® is designed to enable personalized care with the goal of detecting non-clinical and clinical congestion non-invasively across all care settings, including home.

Our Mission

At CardioVere, our mission is to provide precise information early in the decompensation cycle to improve care for heart failure patients.

Reduce Readmissions

Improve Outcomes

Lower Cost of Care

Our Expertise

CardioVere’s parent company, ChemImage, is a pioneer in Molecular Chemical Imaging (MCI). We have extensive experience in advanced surgical imaging and are the first company formed to bring MCI to materials analysis. As the only company with this level of expertise, we have been able to develop complex biological signal detection for healthcare optimization.

ChemImage-developed patents protect this peripheral edema monitoring device that will be highly differentiated and first to market.  Patents are available for exclusive license under defined field of use.  To learn more about ChemImage, visit us at chemimage.com.

Our Team

Carl Denys

Vice President Life Science and Communication

Dr. Adam Saltman

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Matthew Nelson

Chief Technology Officer

Lew Lanker

Senior Product Manager

Dr. Richik Ghosh

Director of Program Management

Gary Pruden

Business Advisor

Aileen Stockburger

Business Advisor

Seeking Partnership Opportunities