Reduce Readmissions.
Improve Outcomes. Lower Cost Of Care.

CardioVere strives to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients by bringing to market a safe, simple and effective edema measurement. This enables CHF patients to conveniently monitor their condition and notify their care team when intervention is required, thus improving patient health outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions.

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CHF Patients in Control
Of Their Condition

  • Superior system to monitor treatment status of CHF patients
  • Objective monitoring at point of care
  • Direct feedback to patient and care team
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Non-contact Optical
Peripheral Edema Measurement

  • Simple, safe; easy to use and understand results
  • Available in a variety of care settings, including home
  • Precise quantitative peripheral edema monitoring over time
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Proven Defense Technology
The Future Of CHF Care

  • Making the world healthier and safer
  • Awareness of ThingsTM (AoTTM) platform enables CHF self-monitoring
  • Nottingham Spirk partnership: products that address market needs

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