Want to help us bring to market a Heart Failure Vital Sign?

A non-invasive early indicator of acute Heart Failure decompensation.

Introducing CardioVere
The Heart Failure Vital Sign

The only handheld, non-invasive, non-contact device to monitor congestion in heart failure patients in all care settings, including home.

CardioVere Solutions
  •        Quantifies early signs of decompensation safely and easily
  • Detects precise levels of non-clinical and clinical congestion
  • Improves care plan effectiveness to intervene when needed
  • Enables more effective telemedicine visits by providing an assessment of tissue congestion before it negatively impacts patient health
  • Decreases likelihood of missing symptoms that lead to more complex and complicated interventions
  • Empowers patients to participate in monitoring their condition and how specific behaviors can contribute to worsening or improving their condition
CardioVere leverages proven, patented molecular chemical imaging technology developed by ChemImage. The technology uses light, filters, and optics paired with our proprietary algorithms and software enabling the user to see the unseen.

6.2 M

adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Heart Failure
CardioVere enables more precise monitoring of patients to ensure quality of care.

46 %

growth rate in heart failure diagnosis with an estimated 8M people in the U.S. by 2030
Heart failure will continue to be a cost burden. CardioVere helps to more effectively manage patients based on edema levels, a key indicator of heart failure status.

1 in 4

heart failure patients will be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge
CardioVere empowers patients to monitor their edema levels and communicate with providers, thus minimizing emergency visits and readmissions.


is the projected annual cost of heart failure by 2030
The CardioVerification Index from CardioVere enables consistent, objective, digital measurement of edema level, allowing providers to intervene before a patient goes to the hospital. Effective measurements in the hospital may also reduce length of stay.

CardioVere Applications

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